Ranheim vs Brann

After finishing 4th in the regular championship he eliminated Sandnes
and Mundalen, securing the ticket for the big football lounges after the
1955/56 season! The technical leadership of the club is from 2016 Savi

On the transcription front, he received five players in the form of
borrowing, including Soli (ME) and Sobaken (ME) from Rosenborg. In her
preparations, Ranham gave six friendly matches, in which she scored five
victories and one defeat. In three, NG was scored, while five scored
more than two goals.

In spite of the great effort he has made, Bran has not managed to secure
a ticket for the European competitions of the 2018/19 season, ending 5th
in the 4th place since the 3rd in Sarpsborg. In the technical leadership
of the club, Lars Arne Nielsen, whose contract of cooperation is valid
until 31 December 2019, remains in 2015. In the transcriptional front,
Bran acquired Orndic (ME) and Tendiste (AM) in the form of a free
Sloboda Tuzla and Sogndal, respectively.

Danubian from Hanover came Randelnger (TE). At the same time, Nouri
(AM), Orlov (OP) and Horkat (TE) were released as free. In preparation,
Bran gave six friendly matches (five wins, one defeat). In four, fewer
than three goals scored. Weve been better than last season, said Warwick

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.94) 2.5 小分(0.94)




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