Fredericia vs Silkeborg

吕氏贵宾会,Fredericias progress as the Cup semi-finals is without a doubt one of
the biggest surprises in the history of the event. A team of the second
category can manage to get that far, its not the usual thing. However,
it has achieved so much thanks to the favorable draws that have brought
her so far to give all the matches at home, and thanks to her racing.
That is, he showed up in the previous round and threw out Aalborg
because of the 3-1 victory. Earlier, he had eliminated another A class
team (Aarhus), while in the 16th round he excluded Hockey.

The championship comes from the home win of 1-0 on Nicheping, thanks to
a goal that scored 73 without being so good. He is in 6th position with
41 points (11-8-8) and at -7 from the barrage uphill in the big
category, having a less game. Inside, however, it does not go so well
(4-3-5) this year, although it has been significantly improved lately.
Outside, Eriksen (Defender, 25/3) and Holvan (Aggressor, 26/5) were back
again, Piskos (Defender, 13/0) was back.

The dream of taking part in a final for the first time since 2001, when
he even won the Cup, wants to make Silkeborg a reality, taking advantage
of the draw that put her against the weakest team of the four of the
semifinals. Everything was easy despite the fact that the two previous
rounds took the lead to bend the resistance of Lyngby (3-1 home) and
Randers (3-1 away). It comes from the away white draw against Helsingor
in the league, played with changes, trying to rest players.

With this result of course they ended and their hopes to be saved
directly, as they all appear will play against Lyngby in the playoffs.
He will finish definitively and irrevocably in 3rd place in the first
group of the playoffs, has 32 points (9-5-17) and on the following
Monday he will welcome Aarhus. Outside, however, he has faced very big
problems (2-3-11), counting six consecutive defeats. Scartlage (striker,
24/7), while Norgard (Goalkeeper, 21/0), Pettersen (Midfielder, 16/1),
Napisy (Midfielder, 5/0) 0), Kramer (Defender, 5/0) and Sikosek
(Defender, 16/0).

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.90) 2.5 小分(0.98)




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