Caen vs Toulouse

It seems that well see Italian job here.

Caen and Toulouse are battling to avoid relegation and both of them have
good situation ahead of the last 4 rounds. Caen are 15th with 7 points
more than the teams in the relegation zone, while Toulouse are 17th with
4 points more than the endangered teams.

Caen have good situation, but very tough schedule with Paris SG, Monaco
and Nice on their fixture list, but also a match in Troyes against the
18th team. A win against Toulouse would be great, but a draw would also
be good result in such situation because theyll have 8 points more than
Troyes and Lille.

Toulouse are in a similar situation in the last 3 seasons, but they
always survive because they deserve to be in this league. Theyve done a
huge job in the last match, beating Angers. They will face Lille at home
and that may be the crucial match. However, they have a chance to reach
the goal earlier if they win one of the matches ahead of that clash, but
a draw would also be a good result for the.

I belueve that both teams will play for that draw because their
situations are good. To earn a point may be crucial at the end if they
lose some of their matches against their direct rivals, so I believe
that they will play not to lose.

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(1.00) 2 小分(0.88)




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